Ministry Positions

God likes variety – just take a look at how many different kind of flowers he made!  His creativity is also evident in the different ways he gifts people for leadership and the wide-variety of leadership roles available in his kingdom.  This section of this website will help you explore different options and how you might fit within them.

As you read through the descriptions of these positions, look for aspects that connect to your gifts, abilities, experiences, and training.  Consider which of them might be your dream job – giving you an outlet to express your deepest passions.  You want to find the role that, as one person told me, “makes your heart sing.”  Finding that kind of life match means your service will be more a joy than a job.

Since you are just starting out in leadership, it may be hard to choose just one role.  That’s fine.  You may want to narrow the list to a few choices, and then explore them until you find the best match.  This kind of trial and error is part of growing into the person and leader God intends you to be.  Most ministry leaders progress through different roles over a lifetime of service.  So, don’t be intimidated about making an irrevocable life choice.  Just choose a path and get started.  God will redirect you as needed.

As you sort through your options, consider these inputs to help guide your decision. 
First, ask the Holy Spirit to guide you.  God wants to lead you into the right role, even more than you want to find the right role.  Trust him to direct you.  Second, consult with trusted mentors and ministry leaders.  They know you well and can help you appraise how you might fit in different roles.  Finally, consider what fellow believers – like friends who serve with you – say about you.  Their input can help you realize what you do well (and not so well) as one perspective to help you understand the best fit for you.

God has a place for you to serve him.  It may be in a formal leadership role like those described here.  Rather than stressing about making a final decision, just choose a path that best fits who you are what you believe God wants you to do.  Start pursuing the training and initial service opportunities to prepare you for the role you ultimately hope to have.  Trust God to place you where he chooses and redirect your life as needed.  He is a good Father who will take care to use you in the best way to advance his kingdom.