The work of a single adult minister is very important to the development of and making of a well-rounded New Testament Church in today’s culture. Single adult pastors are employed to assist the pastor in reaching, teaching and ministering to the single adults in their communities.

     A sense of divine call is a huge qualification for the single adult pastor. Singles’ ministry can be very challenging at times. Therefore, this person must have a close walk with the Lord and a genuine heart to serve people. The ability to lead by example is a must with the position. They must have great organizational skills, be able to delegate authority, and enlist volunteers.


     The work of the single adult minister is multifaceted. They must be able to work in conjunction with all ministries of the church. Understanding and seeing the big picture of the church’s all round mission is important in incorporating single adults into every facet of church life. This is vital in helping single adults grow in their walk with the Lord. Other responsibilities include: counseling, hospital visits, officiating weddings and funerals, working with the other ministers/ministries of the church and the training of solid leaders.


     Education is important in preparing for this type of ministry. Bible study and a strong relationship with the Lord is key in preparing to lead the single adult population in their communities. Counseling skills will be tested while serving in this ministry. A good counseling course or two would be helpful. As always, any study with a Southern Baptist seminary is important to develop a broad base of Bible knowledge that will generate confidence, provide opportunity for fellowship and affirmation.


     As a large population in our nation waits later in life to get married the need for a strong vibrant singles ministry is important and very much needed. Singles are turning to other avenues seeking to find love and peace that only Jesus can give. Never before in our nation has the need been greater.


     Generally speaking the single adult pastor has been selected by the senior pastor and his minister of education. Names to be considered for this role come from the congregation, local association office and state convention office.


     The skills and qualities required for the minister to single adults may also qualify them to serve as a consultant in association, state convention, and denomination related duties. As stated above, single adult ministers should work closely with all ministries/ministers of their respective congregations which will allow them to move into other roles as the Lord leads.