Missionary (International)

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Position Description

Team Members are missionaries who are fully funded by the IMB. As fully-funded missionaries, Team Members’ primary responsibility is to engage in the missionary task as a vital part of an IMB missionary team. Team Members are considered IMB employees and, as a result, receive full benefits and services. Team Members can serve either as either a mid-term or Long-Term member of a Missionary Team.

Funding Source

Team Members are fully funded through the IMB. Through the generous and sacrificial giving of Southern Baptists to the Cooperative Program and the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering, Team Members are financially supported and enabled to devote their time to the missionary task.

Role on the Missionary Team

The specific role that Team Members play on a missionary team varies from person to person, team to team, and place to place. Responsibilities could include evangelism, discipleship, leadership development and training, volunteer coordination, and a variety of other tasks. Regardless of the specific role, the primary purpose of a Team Member is to contribute to the missionary task as part of an IMB missionary team.


Some qualifications vary depending on whether a Team Member is serving mid-term or long-term. However, there are some standard qualifications that all Team Members must meet. All Team Members must be active Southern Baptists, permanent US citizens (or possess a 10-year green card), affirm the Baptist Faith and Message, and be medically cleared to serve full time with the IMB. Some pathways require college and/or seminary education.

Benefits and Services

All Team Members receive the following benefits: medical coverage, housing, visa support, financial support, tax support, children’s education support, transportation assistance, member care/counseling, risk management and evacuation, technology support, financial support to attend annual/biennial conferences, and retirement benefits for those serving long-term.