Creative Ministries

Using Creativity for the Gospel

by Bryan Drake, The Bryan Drake Show
Sometimes someone who is called to the ministry immediately knows which role he or she is called to. But sometimes, people know they are called to the ministry, but they do not know exactly what role they are called to do. There are unique ways to work in ministry that do not include working in a church environment as a preacher or a worship leader. While those are both wonderful and necessary positions, not everyone who is called to ministry is called to those roles. In fact, there are many forms of creative arts ministries that exist. There are writers, artists, illusionists, athletes, comedians, painters, drama teams, and others who use their unique creative gifts to share the gospel. In 1 Corinthians 9:19-23, Paul writes about becoming all things to all people.

Everyone has a gift

“I don’t have any talents” is the phrase often heard when talking with students about how to share their faith. Maybe it comes from our culture’s trend towards self deprecation, but regardless, it isn’t true. As Christians, we are called to share our faith. Everyone has a talent that in some way can impact others for the gospel.

We are Bryan and Karla Drake and we are professional illusionists. Since 2009, we have worked to improve not only our craft, but to share the gospel as often as possible. We have built an illusion show called Dual Reality. In the show, we strive to have strong illusions that make people question what they have just seen. We want people to be entertained. But more importantly, we want to share the gospel. Sometimes someone who won’t come to a church service or who will refuse to step foot in church will say yes to coming to an illusion show.

As a college student, Bryan knew he was called to the ministry. He did not know exactly what that ministry would be. He also was talented in performing card tricks. He looked up one day at college and looked around to find a large crowd watching him perform. That moment was when he knew God wanted him to share the gospel through the art of illusion.

God has put us in the unique position to merge the art of illusion with sharing the gospel. We perform at churches, colleges, and other outreach events. Sometimes it’s easier for an audience member to invite someone to something as lighthearted as a stage show than it is to invite them to church.

We have two goals in our show. First we want to share the gospel in a way that is unique. We use illusions as our vehicle to get to that point in our show. Second, we use our show to encourage audience members to use their gifts, talents, and abilities to share the Gospel. Everyone has been commissioned to tell others about Jesus, and everyone has been gifted with unique ways to do that.

God equips the called

It has been said many ways, but “God doesn’t call the qualified. He qualifies the called.” We may feel unqualified, but He qualifies us. God has gifted each of us differently. God has gifted us with the gift of creativity with illusions on stage and closeup.

We use our gifts in our illusion show. Not everyone has the same specific gifts that we do, which is what makes the body of Christ so special. There are no two people gifted in the exact same way. God cares about each of us that much. Someone may not be a good public speaker, but they can still serve. Someone who is good at baking can bake a cake and take it to someone in need. Some people are really great at one on one ministry. Some people can talk to people much younger than them, and others are great at talking to people much older than they are. There are athletes who point others to Jesus anytime someone puts a microphone in their faces. There are artists who do the same. Jason Fabok is one of the greatest comic book artists of all time. He has worked for years drawing the world’s most popular super heroes. He uses his platform and opportunities to share his faith and give God the glory for his talent.

For us, we use the gift of creativity. When we are home, we have time to create. Some of our best routines have come to us in our down time. We draw inspiration from movies, pop culture, and music. We like to be real and true to ourselves and the people that God made us to be. We want people to realize that they do not have to be someone they are not. God made everyone unique for a reason and a purpose, and he has a plan and a purpose for any gift he has given someone.

It’s not about us

The key in working in creative arts ministry is realizing that we are given these gifts to glorify God. If Christians use their gifts so  people will look at them and think, “Wow! They are amazing!” then they will miss the point of why God gifted them with their unique talent or ability. The point is to make sure we use the gifts for His glory. When we live out the purpose God has for us in our lives, people notice.

So what talents and gifts do you have? No matter how big or small we think they are, God has a plan and a use for them. When the disciples saw the little boy’s 5 loaves and 2 fish, they weren’t impressed. When the boy gave them to Jesus though, thousands were blessed. Let’s give God everything we have to reach the world for the Gospel.