Associational Leader

Description  Associations have existed in America since 1707 when five churches joined together to form the Philadelphia Baptist Association. Partnership among churches is in our DNA as Baptists. In the New Testament we see churches working together to advance the Gospel, maintain doctrinal integrity, train leaders, and encourage one another. The leader of the local […]

Camp Director

According to the American Camping Association (ACA), there are over 15,000 summer camps in the United States. (2022 statistic). Many of them are faith-based facilities—Christian summer camps have a long tradition and history in ministry. Summer camps combine many of the best parts of other types of ministry ( for example–the teaching and discipleship of […]

Creative Ministries

Using Creativity for the Gospel by Bryan Drake, The Bryan Drake ShowSometimes someone who is called to the ministry immediately knows which role he or she is called to. But sometimes, people know they are called to the ministry, but they do not know exactly what role they are called to do. There are unique […]

Information Technology & Media Specialist

Overview God calls people of all different backgrounds to serve His church. When the words “Information Technology” and “Media Specialist” come up, most people would not associate “being called” to either of these positions. However, this is a vital need of the 21st century church. How do we communicate God’s truths in an increasingly digital […]


Description  Chaplains are ministers of the gospel called by God to minister to people outside the walls of the church in the environment of a particular institution or organization. Chaplains are trained to provide counseling and pastoral services to those needing spiritual or emotional support. A chaplain must clearly understand that the context of chaplaincy […]

Sports Minister

Description      A Sports Minister should be passionate in his/her love for God and in the way in which sports may be used for the sake of the Gospel.  A sports minister should be called by God and must have an understanding the purpose of sports in the Kingdom and in the local Church.  God’s great […]

Church Planter

Description Church planting is a specific focus within the larger work of missions. Church planters are missionaries who concentrate their efforts on preaching and teaching the Word of God in a community that needs a faithful gospel witness. A church planter seeks to understand the community they are called to, evangelize, make disciples and gather […]

Collegiate Minister

College Ministry is one of the full time Christian vocations recognized and utilized within Southern Baptist life. There are three different types of College Minister positions. Campus Based Collegiate Ministers Many of the Baptist State Conventions employ full time and part time College Ministers that serve in campus based roles. Within a significant number of […]


DESCRIPTION      The work of a single adult minister is very important to the development of and making of a well-rounded New Testament Church in today’s culture. Single adult pastors are employed to assist the pastor in reaching, teaching and ministering to the single adults in their communities.      A sense of divine call is […]


Compassion Centered Community Ministry Description  Acts 1:8 says, But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth. Certainly, all those areas are important, but a community minister is concerned primarily with […]