Campus and Church Based Collegiate Ministries

One of the best ways to confirm, understand and use your call to ministry is through involvement in a collegiate campus-based and a collegiate church-based collegiate ministry. The benefits of doing so include: 

  1. Connecting to other Christian College students at the college or university you will be attending. Developing lifelong friendships by doing so. 
  2. Lots of opportunities for spiritual growth through Bible Studies, worship services, evangelism training, and outreach.
  3. Opportunities to participate in mission trips across the United States and around the world.
  4. Opportunities to meet others.
  5. Development of your leadership skills. 
  6. Opportunities to use your spiritual gifts. 

Campus Based Collegiate Ministers

Are sponsored by the churches of each State Convention. A Director gives leadership to the ministry. The local name of the ministry varies from state to state and includes Baptist Collegiate Ministry (BCM), Baptist Student Ministry (BSM), Baptist Student Union (BSU), Christian Challenge, and the Upper Room. You can find out about the campus-based collegiate ministry of your campus at

Church Based Collegiate Ministries

Are usually located close to a college or university. They are usually led by a collegiate minister. They offer weekly worship and small group Bible Studies for participating students. They sponsor mission trips and retreats. You can find out the collegiate churches in the area of your college or university from the campus-based collegiate ministries director of the college on the university you are attending. 

“The opportunities for work are simply boundaries. Oh that the people of God would rise up to their opportunities.” – Lottie Moon